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Now im ocd-ing about my nail and I cant fix it because my sister has my nail file and„„,

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Fuckibf im gonna cry

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i hate jack
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Wow, can you 8elieve that guy?

what a glubbin’ square


Well, I was gonna draw cronus but then it just became sassy girlfriends

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God I can’t sleep because ocd twitches and also sudden cosplay ideas for my signless remake

Also reminder to self that I still need a goddamn vantas wig and I need it before springstuck

I’m considering just pulling an all-nighter so I can like reset my sleep schedule so I’m not completely fucked on monday morning and also then I can go sew as soon as my sister goes to work (my sewing corner is in her room)

But likw ughh I know I wouldnt get much done because I’d be hella tired and id feel gross all day but like its too late for me to take some melatonin to sleep and I highly doubt I’ll be falling asleeo without it anytime soon because goddamn ocd

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Reminder to self that I need to buy some grey eyeshadow for contouring for troll makeup

Does anybody have any recommendations? Like I’d want it to be darker than Snazaroo but not *too* dark but y’know dark enough to contour my nose/cheeks/jaw with

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I’ve been listening to Save Rock and Roll on repeat lately gosh I love this album so much

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Okay tomorrow I *have* to go through and edit the rest of the photos from 413

Like the not group shoot ones (especially of tumblr user harmotome in her wonderful GT rose because I have some damn nice pictures of that omfg)

Also I need to FAFSA and MCC

Goodnight for realsies

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I was gonna watch the new minecraft let’s play and then go to bed but then I got caught up on those dumb apps that earn you an extremely minimal amount of money because I am fucking desperate so now it’s late and I don’t have time to watch the let’s play but my ocd really wants me to like??? Ughhhh„„

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Okay so I know that none of you care but I’m really excited about these leggings because I have been procrasting so hardcore on them and they’re finally almost done and they’re gonna be gr8 because I actually know how to sew this fabric now and adjust stitch length and tension on my machine and how those setting work for different fabrics and like

Okay so each legging is 5 panels of colors (blue, pink, blue, pink, blue) and so I have one set of the five all sewn together and the other one just needs the last blue panel

And then after that I just have to do the vertical seam (whih I really wish I had Emily here while doing to make sure they fit her legs well like going around because yknow legs are different circumferences at different places and I have much larger legs than her„, so I’m sorry in advance if they’re not a perfect fit but if they’re too loose it’s not too noticeable and also having them loose is better than tight because if they were too tight they could pop a seam)

So yeah just gotta do the last panel then the vertical seam on each and then instal elastics around the tops and finish the bottoms and I’m finally done!!!

I am not looking forward to the petticoat though ugh I wish I had a ruffler foot and also I despise working with tulle and having to ruffle things

But then I’m home free like the Daenerys dress seems simple enough like just a simple underdress with flowy chiffon over it wow

And yeee I have until CTcon to finish which gives me time to not stress about it too much and do side projects like recon corps cloaks

Goodnight friends