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  1. Luvdisc: I love your blog
  2. Alomomola: I love you platonically
  3. Jynx: I love you romantically
  4. Smoochum: I want to kiss you
  5. Swablu: I want to hug you
  6. Nidoqueen: I want to date you
  7. Nidoking: I want to battle you
  8. Ninetales: You’re beautiful
  9. Wooper: You make me smile
  10. Alakazam: You’re really smart
  11. Plusle: You’re an amazing friend
  12. Minun: I wish I was your friend
  13. Lopunny: You’re sexy
  14. Scolipede: I don't like you
  15. Smeargle: I love your art
  16. Unown: I love your writing
  17. Meloetta: I love your music
  18. Cubchoo: You’re gross
  19. Swirlix: You’re really sweet
  20. Eevee: You’re one of my favourite people
  21. Sylveon: You’re my best friend
  22. Arceus: I worship you
  23. Togekiss: I think you’re a great optimist
  24. Phantump: I think you’re a great pessimist
  25. Pichu: You’re really cute
  26. Shaymin: I am grateful to know you
  27. Metagross: I want to get to know you more
  28. Dwebble: I wish I could talk to you but am too shy
  29. Darkrai: You’re my worst nightmare
  30. Exploud: You scare me
  31. Bibarel: You’re silly
  32. Audino: You make me blush
  33. Absol: Your blog is a disaster
  34. Slowking: You’re wise
  35. Zoroark: You should post more pictures of yourself
  36. Porygon: You should post more
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*dad seems to suggest slight possibility of letting me go to campanime*

*immediately checks ebay to see how much it would cost to get the rest of the snk cosplay stuff I need, sans straps*

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One day, this blog will be nothing but upside down Erens and we’ll all be sorry then

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"Oh please, you’re only identifying as [thing] because you heard about it on Tumblr."

Well gee, maybe if there were proper resources out there, public visibility and community support for people like us, we wouldn’t have to wait until we randomly stumbled across a post on Tumblr to understand what we are.

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when ur parents go out food shopping


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get into the habit of not assuming a person’s gender

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For Those Who Need a Reminder Today


Your body is not male if you don’t identify as such. Your body is not female if you don’t identify as such.

Your body is yours, and there may be parts you want to change, or parts you’d prefer to keep. Both are okay. YOU are okay.

One day at a time. <3

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Behold my new life motto


Behold my new life motto

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The Mysterious Spork Sculpture by Xan Ellis - GoFundMe

So I have this wonderful idea for a sculpture I want to make, but I have no money to afford the supplies. The final product will be a statement on non-binary gender identities, and ultimately if like it to become an art installation at my high school, seeing as how I will be doing other things to promote NB visibility within the school this year as well.

Being able to just do this project is a really big goal for me, as I’ve had this idea brewing for months now. This will also be the biggest artistic expedition I’ve ever set out on, and I’m hoping it can not only help me to learn and grow, but send a message out to the public that non-binary people (such as myself) exist.

So I ask that if you have a few dollars to spare, that you please consider donating (signal boosting is welcome, too, if you can’t donate). Monetary backers will get exclusive updates in the process of making the sculpture, along with their name in the special thanks if I can manage to get it installed in Windsor High School, Windsor CT.

Thanks a bunch, and enjoy your weekend!